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Oversized #Speakwear

Statement Streetwear
Anti Discrimination Clothing

At AWOKE, we've always believed in the power of streetwear and statement tees to serve as vehicles for self-expression and empowerment.

In a world filled with oversized expectations and societal norms, we wanted to challenge the status quo. We asked questions like, 'What's the real meaning of AWOKE?' Is it about understanding what fascism, ableism and homophobia the list goes on... etc truly mean? Is it about dismantling societal expectations and striving for equitable treatment for all?

The answer is yes, to all of it.


Hoodies, oversized t-shirts, and graphic tees - you wear it - have always been our canvas for activism. We believe that fashion should be more than just a designer t-shirt; it should be a statement that speaks your truth. We're here to address social injustice issues head-on, challenging social norms and pushing for racial equality, gender equality, human equality! Our collections delve deep into the concept of equity vs. equality, exposing instances of police misconduct and the ongoing struggle against police brutality. We're not just a brand; we're a movement, seeking to create a world where everyone enjoys the same rights and opportunities, regardless of their background. Our graphic sweatshirts, oversized sweats, and hoodies are not just cool hoodies; they're symbols of our commitment to change. They represent our dedication to confronting the grey areas of societal injustice and the importance of wearing your voice loud and proud. AWOKE about unity, unity in the face of adversity, unity in diversity, and unity against oppressive forces. We believe that fashion can be a tool for empowerment, a way to challenge social norms, and a means to make a difference.  It's a movement, and it starts with you.

Our Souls Are BulletProof

A/W 23

Explore our A/W 23 collection, 'Our Souls Are Bulletproof,' a fearless response to the grave injustices plaguing our world. From government policies to police brutality and systemic racism, we've witnessed the horrors born out the despicable actions of those who choose to hate uncontrollable factors like our genetic makeup.

This collection takes its cues from powerful movements like Black Lives Matter, boldly defying societal norms and transcending the boundaries of fashion. Whether it's oversized tees or graphic hoodies, each piece carries a message.

Join us in donning your voice, championing your truth, and standing together as we rewrite the script on social justice. 'Our Souls Are Bulletproof' isn't just clothing; it's a movement, a catalyst for conversations, and a resounding call for change.

Cause of Death oversized grey hoodie from AWOKE
Expect oversized tee from AWOKE

Fckn Boxx

S/S 23

In a world bound by societal norms and expectations that confine us to imaginary boxes, 'What Fckn Boxx' emerges as the premier collection from AWOKE.

Society loves to pigeonhole us, imposing predefined roles and behaviours upon us. But let's take a moment to reflect on previous generations, particularly our parents. The world has undergone significant transformations, driven by deliberate efforts to create a more just and equitable society.


True equity, however, demands the dismantling of these expectations, the audacious act of stepping out of the box, and the courage to pose questions that challenge and disrupt established mindsets.

'What Fckn Boxx' is more than a collection; it's a proclamation. It's a resounding declaration that there is no box—only expectations.


Join us as we fearlessly embrace a world unbound by limitations, where expectations crumble, and the possibilities are boundless. Because, let's face it, there is no box—only the formidable potential of WHAT FCKN BOXX."

Dare to disrupt the norm... Will you join us?
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Answer oversized tee from AWOKE
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