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Wear your Voice, Speak your Truth

Protect oversized tee from AWOKE

What's Speakwear

#Speakwear is not just fashion; it's our megaphone.

AWOKE brings you a clothing line that does more than just dress you up.

It's about making statements, starting dialogues, and empowering change. Our campaign is dedicated to using streetwear as a platform for activism and awareness.

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How it Works?

1. Bold Designs:

Every piece in our collection features thought-provoking graphics and slogans that address key social issues.


2. Community Engagement:

We're not just selling clothes; we're fostering a community of activists. Through events, social media, and collaborations, we encourage conversations on critical topics.


3. Inclusivity at the Core:

Our range celebrates diversity in all forms. We believe every voice matters and our designs reflect this ethos.

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We The People oversized tee from AWOKE
Take a Knee oversized sleeveless hoodie from AWOKE

Join the Movement

Wear It Proud:

Each item is a conversation starter. Wear them to spark discussions wherever you go.


Share Your Story:

Post your AWOKE look with #Speakwear. Tell us what the design means to you.


Be Part of the Change:

Attend our events, participate in online forums, and spread the word.

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Your Wardrobe, Your Voice

Through #Speakwear, your clothes do more than just cover you; they represent your beliefs, your struggles, and your hopes.


Let’s wear our voices and transform the world, one statement piece at a time.

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Problem oversized tee from AWOKE
Mandate oversized black hoodie from AWOKE
Ain't Just Talk.
We're Action.

You Part of the Movement?
Get Involved
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